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Abiding to the standards and Code of Conduct set by The Animal Behaviour and Training Council

Sally Bartlett

Full Member of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society

Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Registered Animal Training Instructor

Associate of The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour

Qualified Instructor with The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers
(Awarded the higher level of BIPDT 1st Grade)

Qualified with the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management
(Foundation Degree level)

Animal Aiders  Dog First Aid Certificate



Raised with and training animals since childhood, I have lived and worked professionally in the UK and Europe with many dogs (TCBTS, ABTC, ADCBM & BIPDT qualified) and horses (BHSAI qualified).  This has given me the privilege of both working and living with many different breeds and temperaments for training issues and behavioural problems. 

This experience, plus ownership of my own much-loved dogs (Labrador, Irish Terrier-Cross, Boxer, Pointer-Boxer Cross, Labrador-Golden Retriever Cross), volunteering at rescue centres, and many years of formal study and research into the science and practice of animal behaviour management, has given me an invaluable insight into both their behaviour and, equally important, the effects that our own behaviour has on the animals we interact with. 

I am experienced in dealing with both young puppies and older, more boisterous dogs, having personally owned both puppies and adolscent rescue dogs, so have first-hand experience of my own dogs as well as numerous years' experience with clients' dogs.

I am more recently delighted to have been a 'Puppy Parent' (and currently a foster parent) for Canine Partners (a member of Assistance Dogs UK), having taken on in March 2017 a wonderful eight week old Labrador x Retriever puppy (called Vogue), who was an absolute joy to live with and train.  Vogue went into the advanced training centre at just 15 months old (April 2018) and although very much missed I hope she will go on to give assistance and her wonderful companionship and affection to a disabled person.

Vogue and I gained the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award in February 2018 when she had just turned one year old (dogs must be at least 1 year old to take this test).  My own training (both classes and one-to-one) is based upon the obedience exercises required in the Good Citizen tests as it gives a solid training to dogs for good manners and obedience both in the home and out in public.  However, my focus for clients is not to pass tests but instead to ensure training is aimed at you having all the essential control and play exercises for an obedient, happy and well-balanced dog both at home and in public.

I have also, in 2018, been accepted as a Dog Aid trainer - a charity which trains disabled owners' own dogs to become registered assistance dogs.  This is a very worthwhile charity as many other assistance dog charities have long waiting lists to supply trained assistance dogs.

Breeds I have lived with include many breeds and cross-breeds

Border Terrier, Irish Terrier-Cross, Tibetan Terrier-Cross, Boxer (Pedigree and Cross Breed), Giant Schnauzers, Great Danes, St Bernards, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Hungarian Vizsla, Cocker Spaniel-Cross, Bassett Hound, German Shepherds, Corgi-Cross, English Pointer-Cross, Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Rottweiler. 

In addition to the breeds personally lived with, I have of course trained and given behavioural advice to hundreds of dogs of all breed groups (Terriers, Pastoral, Gundog, Hound, Toy, Working, Utility).

How I help you to train

I am very aware that however good my own empathy and communication with dogs is, I must also be able to pass on those same skills to you to help you to effectively train and communicate with your dogs.

From experience, I believe the best way to improve any animal's behaviour is achieved through kindness and by clearly and consistently enforcing sensible guidelines. 

We also need to be clear in our communications, determined in our consistency and quietly have the upper hand.  This is far more effective than any harsh form of training.

Continued Professional Development

Despite over forty years’ association with dogs, I continue to attend numerous courses and seminars run by other leading trainers, behaviourists and vets.  This ensures I am able to offer the highest standard of advice for owners and their dogs.   Below are some of the courses attended and qualifications gained:

  • Studies of Behaviour at Postgraduate level (CIM DipM).
  • Three years of in-depth studies (advanced practical training and academic studies) into Canine Training and Behaviour with internationally respected Dog Behaviourist, John Rogerson (Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour) - on completing the course with distinction I was one of few invited to become an Associate.
  • Further studies at Foundation Degree level, culminating in the Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management - completing the course with optimal grades.
  • Interviewed by the Canine Behaviour and Training Society Board and observed during practical dog training examinations (classes and one-to-one consultations) resulting in Full Membership of The Canine Behaviour and Training Society.
  • Instructors' course with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (accredited with higher award of 1st Grade).
  • Instructors' course held at Battersea Dogs’ Home, Windsor (in association with The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour).  This was successfully completed and I was invited to attend as Assistant Instructor on the subsequent year's course.
  • Aggression studies at Battersea Dogs' Home, London (in association with The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour).
  • Observation of temperament testing techniques at Battersea Dogs' Home, London.
  • UK Dog Law seminar with Trevor Cooper (specialist dog law solicitor).
  • Animal Aiders' Canine First Aid Training.
  • Three days’ residential training to observe assistance dog training (clicker training).
  • And, of utmost importantance, I have had a life-long love and respect for animals and their welfare, and subsequently a passionate interest in providing kind and effective training and behavioural advice for all dog owners.

The photos below show some past and present much-loved canine friends and myself.  Whilst the images are of Labradors and a Labrador x Retriever, I have also lived with many other breeds of dog (as outlined above) which has given me a very good understanding of how best to work with a broad spectrum of different breed temperaments.