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Dog training sessions are available weekdays, evenings and weekends to allow all of your family to be involved. 

Training takes place in your home and/or a location of your choice, allowing practical, effective advice where you need it.

Private dog training and behaviour sessions are particularly useful when:-

  • You would like advice on choosing your next dog - which breed, finding a knowledgeable breeder, breed health checks required, temperament, etc
  • You would benefit from advice prior to your puppy or dog arriving to ensure the most beneficial start, thus avoiding potential issues at a later date
  • You wish to start training before your puppy has had their vaccinations and, as above, to ensure the best possible start for your puppy
  • You would like help with common behavioural issues such as house training, play-biting, separation anxiety
  • You would like help with more complex behaviours such as: aggression, car chasing, stereotypic behaviour (tail chasing, licking surfaces, chasing lights)
  • You wish to take advantage of training prior to attending classes (with me or another trainer) to ensure you have more control and improved focus from your dog
  • You are unable to commit to regular class times
  • You would like your spouse and/or children to become involved (and have fun!) with training
  • Your dog has some behavioural issues which are difficult to deal with in a class situation.
  • Your dog does not settle well in a class situation.
  • You have a reasonably well-trained dog but require help with just one or two aspects of training.  For example, improving your dog's recall and/or improving walking on lead (see opposite for more information).
  • You have a generally well behaved dog but would like to improve your training knowledge and give your dog more enjoyment through advanced training exercises.

Puppy Socialisation

Because one-to-one training and behaviour is carried out in your home and your puppies' or dogs' usual exercise areas, the latter are the ideal place to ensure they receive the very best socialisation experience with people and other dogs.  During our sessions I will show you how best to maximise the natural opportunities for your puppies or dogs to enjoy positive experiences during their walks, and so get your dog used to people, dogs and other stimulae which can sometimes become an issue (such as vehicles, cyclists, joggers, ball games in the park, etc).  Such distractions are also a very useful way to train your dog in a practical training environment.


Prices are kept competitive to ensure that all dog-owners have access to high quality dog training and qualified behavioural advice.  The price per hour is dependent on whether you wish to pay per hour or to purchase a discounted dog training and behavioural package.

Please contact me with your dog's training and behavioural requirements and I will send you a list of available training packages and prices for you to consider prior to our first training session.  You will then have time to consider which option is right for you and can make your decision after our first training session.      CONTACT

Sometimes one session will be enough to resolve a training or behavioural issue, although for general training and/or more serious behavioural issues several sessions are usually required.



"Throughout the one to one sessions with my two rescue dogs Sally provided diverse structured training that both my dogs and I enjoyed immensely. Both outdoors and indoors Sally taught me many ways to help in my dogs’ obedience.  Her dedication and patience is second to none."  


Improving the basics ...
Socialisation & training walks

Once you have reached the required standard after a course of one-to-one training with me (usually circa six sessions), you may join our regular dog training walks to further improve your training skills and socialise your dog.  These walks take place in the Redhill and Reigate areas and are designed to encourage you to continue with your dog's training and therefore only a small fee of £10 per walk is charged.  These walks have a more informal feel to them and offer the chance of improving your training knowledge and the opportunity to chat with like-minded dog owners.  Sometimes we will also stop for refreshments, which is a good opportunity to teach dogs how to settle and behave in such places. 


In addition to general obedience training, the subjects listed below are particularly effective and popular during one-to-one training sessions and payment options are as opposite.

Walking nicely on lead

Focusing solely on teaching you how to improve your dog's walking on lead and how to maintain that improved behaviour.  I will discuss, demonstrate and coach you in the methods most suitable for you and your dog as well as explaining the correct use of any equipment we may choose to use.

Teaching your dog to recall (come when called)

Focusing on how best to improve your dog's recall response to you.  This is one of the most common problems which dog owners experience but one which can be improved upon enormously with a little thought and effort.  Time is spent with you explaining and showing you how to train in the home, garden and on your walks to ensure your dog's response to you improves in any area, even with distractions.

Foundation obedience  and motivation for agility

To take part safely and successfully in a group class or competition your dog will need to have a good basic level of obedience to ensure you are in control.  You (or your children) will also need to learn how to engage with your dog to ensure his focus remains with you and that you are able to direct him around the course.  

Please note that I am unable to bring agility equipment with me for these sessions but we may use natural obstacles in the environment or your own equipment if you have it. 

These sessions are aimed at owners keen to get started prior to being able to join another agility class.  Co-operative Canines does not run agility classes but can suggest contacts for such classes.

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