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Thank you very much for the training classes which we all enjoyed and learnt such a lot from.  We particularly enjoyed training outside as it was a more natural environment and great fun.  With the small classes it meant that we got a lot out of it and when we struggled to understand or succeed at a particular task you took the time to review what we were doing and help us get it right.  Many thanks and we look forward to joining you on your training walks. 
Labrador puppy 
Claire and Paul Roullier  (2017)

I have a five month old boxer bitch and have attended Sally’s group lessons as well as having a 1:1 lesson, and now joined her walks.  The unique thing about Sally is that she listens to what you want to achieve and works on that, as well as giving you pointers along the way of little gems that she knows will be important!  I love the way she understands the boxer and their idiosyncrasies.  Many trainers either dismiss the boxer as the “clown” that will never achieve that much or have a look of despair when you cite that is your breed of dog!  Sally did neither.  I like the fact that Sally will work with you and your dog and find a way for something to work so that you can then build on it.  Nothing is too much trouble for her.  She is approachable but also to the point, which is another trait I like as it allows you to get results.  Her training classes are like no other as they resemble the true challenges that you will encounter with all the distractions that you will come across when you are walking your dog in real life so to say.  So many classes are in halls where I have no problem with recall!  Place yourself however in Sally’s class in a field with other dogs and smells and wildlife and people and then you see what you and your dog can do!  Daunting maybe but it instils confidence in you which then allows you to be able to implement the training in every walk you do and so then you get results.  Sally instils confidence by her very being.  If you feel downbeat then by the time you finish you have a renewed determination and a plan on how to achieve it.  I cannot recommend Sally highly enough.  
Donna Hawkins (2017)

Thanks for the notes and other information.  We found it very challenging controlling Monty in close proximity to other puppies and I did think after the first class that it wasn't suitable for us because of his pulling on the lead but I'm glad we persevered as over the weeks we could see a noticeable improvement.  I was particularly impressed towards the end of the course by his ability to walk calmly on his lead, weaving in and out around the other puppies and their owners.  We hope to join one of your training walks in the new year.
Springer Spaniel
Liz and Barry Roberts (2017)

Thank you very much for the dog training classes.  Millie and I really enjoyed them - it was lovely to be outside in fields and training with other dogs. You shared a lot of knowledge and experience with us which was really useful. I feel that Millie has progressed a lot and is even getting better with her recall!  I feel the course has given me a good foundation for dog training and I am pleased I now have many tools to help develop Millie into a well behaved dog. 
Young Labrador
Rose de Vere Hunt (2017)

Excellent classes, would recommend.  Sally is a very good trainer and the classes are small so nearly one to one training.
Rescue adult Cocker Spaniel (2017)

I first met Sally when I took my shy Cavalier, Rufus, to her classes after we had to withdraw from another class that terrified him.  Sally made sure that Rufus was not accosted by other dogs and was able to have the space to gain confidence and enjoy the training.  Next I had one to one sessions with Piper, a Border Terrier, and totally different in temperament requiring a whole new way of training.  Now I have Willow, a gentle but lively Cocker Spaniel, who has benefitted from the outdoor training and training walks with other dogs.  Sally doesn’t just train the dogs, she trains me to train my dog, so I learn what I need to do for the whole of my dog’s life, not just while the classes are going on.  Sally knows how to get the best from a dog no matter what their temperament is like and I would happily recommend her classes and individual training sessions to anybody who needs help with their dog.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Border Terrier, Cocker Spaniel
Jan Bell (2016)

Sally has been my Giant Schnauzer’s best friend for many years and she has helped greatly with the occasional challenges we have had along the way.  When I downsized to my Miniature Schnauzer we joined Sally’s puppy classes and learnt a lot that would have been useful to know with my first dog. The classes are packed full of exercises designed to put both us and our dogs on the right road to a happy life.  I think they offer good value for money, being small and well planned, with plenty of time for individual attention. Sally is generous with her time and expertise and always willing to discuss queries. 
Giant and Miniature Schnauzer (2012)

K was our first dog and we really needed to understand the basics which were fully covered. She was a rescue and had lacked socialisation in her formative years and the classes certainly helped with this aspect. I could tell by the end of the classes she wasn’t worried by the other dogs at all. Having the classes outside added a touch of realism on how to control your dog with distractions. I also like the way not just the basic commands were covered but other aspects of play, dog law and handling at vets were covered.      
Jack Russell

Thank you, Sally, your classes were great.  You had so many helpful ideas.  Thank you also for a lovely and informative walk.
Border Collie

Thanks for a lovely walk last Sunday. Very useful knowledge and lots of food for thought and training tips. We all enjoyed it, especially the dogs!      
Shih Tzu

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I have been along to the girls this morning to let them out.  I can’t believe the difference already.  Lexie was SOooooooooo good.  No jumping up and sat nicely when told.    I’m absolutely thrilled.  Long may it last.
Standard Poodles (one a little over-excited when greeting visitors)
(August 2018)

I wanted to thank you again for the recall training. We seem to have cracked it with Frankie & Maddie so we are now all enjoying some long off lead walks in local woods and up on Redhill Common. It is such a delight to see F & M running free & having so much fun! Thanks again for your very valuable advice. F & M deserve the best.
Two rescue dogs:  A Schipperke-cross and a Dachshund
Alistair and Tonia Haworth (2018)

A huge thank you for all your help with C.  It was great to see so much progress in such a short space of time, and to get so much advice on what we can do to improve.  Her recall is brilliant now and she gets in the car perfectly.
Golden Retriever

(Adolescent dog re car loading problems and recall, 2018)

Thank you very much.  I did wonder when I took B out earlier if you had stolen him and left a much better behaved dog in his place.
Border Collie
(Adult rescue dog - general obedience and car chasing issues, 2017)

I would like to thank and thoroughly recommend Sally Bartlett for your dog training requirements.  Right from our initial conversation I was very impressed with her enthusiasm and professionalism.  Throughout the six sessions with my two rescue dogs (Humphrey & Rosie) Sally arrived promptly and provided diverse structured training that both my dogs and I enjoyed immensely. Both outdoors and indoors Sally taught me many ways to help in my dogs’ obedience and each week we would recap what we had learnt in order to work upon those areas we thought needed more attention.  Her dedication and patience is second to none (as this is my first time taking one to one training with a couple of energetic terriers), and she always tried to offer helpful advice with regard to their well- being and the purchase of training aids (where they could benefit the development of good obedience).  I shall continue to keep in touch with Sally and I am looking forward to joining one of her many group walks (to further help with the socialisation and obedience needs of my dogs).  Thank you again, Sally.     
Cairn Terrier & West Highland Terrier
Robert Sprason (2017)

Happy to recommend you as you worked miracles for us.  Will also be joining some of your walks.
Tibetan Terrier
Private Puppy training followed by classes (2017)

S is doing really well and so much better now. We also know how to handle things and so he responds straight away. I came across the same dogs he had lunged at during our training session recently and he was as good as gold. It is a joy to take him out now. 
Mastiff Cross (adult rescue dog, 2010)

‘C’ is doing amazingly! His recall is so much better (and he fetches the ball now). I can’t thank you enough for your input. I have just got back from the park and he was brilliant and did the whole walk off lead. 
Cairn Terrier

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. It was a great session today and thank you for all the good tips. We will now be able to correct some of the bad habits we had allowed him to develop with his recall and walking on lead. 
Golden Retriever

L is like a different doggie! I am so pleased with your advice as it seems to suit both of us so well. I am truly staggered at just how wonderful he is and all it took is a bit of training the handler!! Thank you so much. 
Rottweiler cross (2015)

We found our session with you last week incredibly helpful and now feel we are on the right track. B has been responding very well to the training sessions and has also practically house-trained himself! 

There has been a great improvement since your visit, thanks hugely to your efforts. It is down to you that we have managed to remove the fretting and anxiety and T is now much more relaxed and less anxious. Your ideas have really worked. Not only T but WE are much less tense and anxious. 
Bernese Mountain Dog

I just wanted to let you know that we took B away for a few days and she has come back a different dog, much calmer and more responsive, which is lovely and all thanks to the help you have given us. Thank you from both of us for getting us back on track with her. Her walks are so much more enjoyable. 
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Today was fantastic. Appreciate all your guidance. It was wonderful to be able to get the boy off the lead. 
Pug x JR

I'm currently down in Woolacombe, Devon, and despite the many distractions on the beach I’m happy to report his ‘recall’  remains very reliable thanks in no small part to your direction! 
Portuguese Water Dog




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